FBC Laurel (2)-1

Laurel, MD

First Baptist Church of Laurel

Position open:

Director of Family Ministries


First Baptist Church is a mission-minded, multicultural church located in Laurel,
Maryland between Washington DC and Baltimore. They are a 130-year-old church
who still strives to be as effective as possible in the present day. Throughout the
years, they have remained committed to the mission of God’s Kingdom. They are a
church who cares deeply about their city and wants to bring the Gospel to every
person in it.

They are a large church in the area, gathering around 400 people on Sunday
mornings. FBC Laurel is remarkably diverse. On any given Sunday they can have
approximately 40 different nations represented with services in three languages.

Our Mission: First Baptist Church exists to love God, love our neighbors, and love
the nations by reaching those who are far from Jesus and making them mature
followers of Christ.

FBC Laurel cares a great deal about being Gospel-centered. For them, this means
that they center everything on Jesus and the Gospel. Jesus is their focus as they
reach unbelievers, mature believers, and multiple leaders. They center their
teaching and preaching on scripture with an expository approach. They are
proactive in making disciples; laying out a pathway and encouraging and guiding
members and attendees to continually take the next steps in their relationship with
Christ and His church. They are proactive and intentional in developing leaders.

FBC Laurel aligns with the Gospel Coalition and 9 Marks Ministries.



Laurel, MD is located in a very diverse area midway between two major US cities, which creates a unique and exciting cultural dynamic. In many ways, it is a suburban area with an urban feel. Most people in Laurel have education beyond high school with a large segment having advanced degrees. The proximity to an abundance of federal jobs creates a white-collar environment that is stable and safe. At the same time, you are likely to meet some of the most interesting and influential people in the world in and around Laurel.

The area is not overly religious, with many people identifying themselves as religious but not specifically Christian and certainly not gospel-centered. This cultural, ethnic, and religious mix of people coming from all over the world, presents exciting evangelistic opportunities. The area is transient with a constant influx of new people every week from around the world. Some of the best public and private schools in the country are within driving distance. (University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown).



Meets the qualifications of an Elder in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1


Spends time in prayer and Bible study on a daily basis


Applies the Gospel to all aspects of life


Excited to become an active member of First Baptist Church of Laurel


Bachelor’s degree required; Seminary degree preferred

Ideal Candidate


Experienced in youth or student ministries and have a passion to lead the next generation to become disciples of Jesus


Thrives leading in a multicultural environment and feels at ease working with people from across the globe


A team player and team builder


Adept at building relationships with students, parents, volunteers, church congregants, and the community


He will have excellent communication skills including verbal, written, and electronic


Has experience casting vision, setting goals, and executing a ministry as its leader


Has at least three years in ministry leadership

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