Vancouver, WA

Northwest Gospel Church

Position open:

Music Minister


Northwest Gospel Church was planted in 1938 and is marked by gospel centrality, expositional preaching, and reformed theology. What started as a house church with a desire to see the gospel change lives has turned into a truly multi-generational family of around 1,200-1,500 people glorifying God together every Sunday. The current leadership has been in place for just over a decade - a decade in which they’ve seen consistent and significant numeric and spiritual growth as a church family. Northwest Gospel Church is currently a part of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network. 

At NGC, they sing in response to God’s Word and His work in their lives. In the gatherings, music is used to glorify God and to teach/remind themselves and each other of the gospel. 

Currently, Northwest Gospel Church is looking for a Music Minister to come alongside the Creative Team with the primary goal of equipping and leading those who are engaged in that work.


Northwest Gospel Church is located in what Wall Street Journal called the most Godless metro area in America. Vancouver, Washington is uniquely positioned in the north suburbs of Portland, Oregon, toeing the line of secular city and suburbia. While the region is marked by individualism and secularism, NGC has become a place to find absolute truth in true community. The metro area is home to about 2.5 million people, and their corner of the region is home to about 500,000.



A Christian who has a strong understanding of biblical truth


An equipper who longs to foster creativity in those around them


A leader who is deeply involved in the lives of those he/she is leading


A musician who leads with excellence, preferably from guitar and/or keys


A creative who can’t wait to get out of bed and make something new


A collaborative creative who can’t wait to get others involved in projects


A team player who values the contributions of others and loves bringing their skills to the table

Ideal Candidate


Lead the music team at NGC: East Vancouver


Oversee the liturgy of the Sunday morning gatherings


Equip and minister to the team of 40+ volunteer band members


Equip the youth music leader and youth music team


Assist the Creative Team with their skills and passions

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