Pasadena Christian School

Pasadena, CA

Pasadena Christian School

Position open:

Head of School


Pasadena Christian School is a thriving K-8 school in beautiful Southern California
looking for a new Head of School. The previous Head is retiring after 30 years of
faithful and fruitful service. Pasadena Christian is excited to usher in a new era of
leadership and vision under a new Head of School. The Board, administration, and
faculty have a unified vision for the school and have created a diverse and family-
oriented community that truly is the strength of the school.

Pasadena Christian is an Independent Christian School that has served the San
Gabriel Valley in the northeast corner of Los Angeles County for 75 years. The
School has 247 students in its K-8 program and 120 in the Preschool program. PCS
is not financially supported by any particular denomination or congregation,
making the program 100% tuition-based.

In addition to a rigorous academic program, the school boasts a renowned arts
program specializing in music, theater, choir, and visual arts. They have an active
athletics program that competes with Christian Schools from around the area and
regularly wins Championships in all sports. Governance comes from a board of
directors, composed of parents and community leaders, that are vested in the
outcome of decisions and the stewardship of resources.

PCS is an exceedingly diverse school that is reflective of its diverse community. The
current diversity rate of the school is 70%, with no single racial demographic above
29% of the population. This commitment to being diverse extends to spiritual and
financial diversity as well. More than 130 churches are represented at PCS and
approximately one-third of the students receive need-based financial aid.

Lastly, PCS has a high value for educational diversity as well; knowing that not all
students learn the same ways or at the same rate. To serve those students, PCS
invests heavily in the Enrichment Center, which allows families to customize their
educational experience for those students who need a different plan.


Pasadena Christian School is located in Pasadena, California, one of the most
beautiful and eclectic places on Earth. In just a few hours, you could drive to the
snow in the San Bernardino Mountains or the beaches in Malibu or Santa Monica.
You could be in Disneyland in an hour or stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame in
minutes. Pasadena itself is home to the Rose Bowl, the New Year’s Day Rose
Parade, Huntington Gardens and hundreds of restaurants, shops and other

Pasadena is the crown jewel of the San Gabriel Valley, a sprawling and rich
suburban valley that is the perfect place to raise a family or enjoy being an empty
nester. Pasadena is also home to some of the most impressive thinkers and leaders
in the country at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CalTech and Fuller Theological
Seminary. The center of Pasadena, both geographically and culturally is Old
Pasadena; a shopping and dining district known for its Victorian and art deco



Minimum of a Master's Degree in a related field


Minimum 10 years experience in education, with at least 5 in a leadership position


Professing Christian who can affirm PCS Statement of Faith


Experience with fundraising, donor, and community development preferred


Candidate with experience living in the Western United States, especiallySouthern California is preferred

Ideal Candidate


A Christian whose convictions shape his or her personal life and relationships.


Needs to be able to lead a theologically diverse school with wisdom and grace by putting proper emphasis on the most foundational aspects of the faith.


The candidate should have extensive leadership experience in education with a preference for K-8 experience.


Someone who will be more of a Leader than a pure Educator because the existing staff and faculty can complement the head in matters of teaching philosophy and curriculum.


A leader who can cast a compelling vision for Christian education that connects to families, donors, and the broader community.


They need to be personable, have high emotional intelligence, and be invigorated by people.


The ideal candidate will bring a growth mindset and the ability to build a strategy to increase enrollment and donor engagement.


Someone who emphasizes a“whole child” approach to education.

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